Saturday, June 14, 2014

酒と器 - Sake to Utsuwa

酒と器 - Sake to Utsuwa
at Mr Kitly
from 6th June to 22nd June

This exhibition is a collaboration between ceramic Artrists and artisan Saké.
In Japan there is a connection between using good ceramics and your everyday life. The connection creates the experience and changes the way we look at things/ gratitude towards the meal or daily routine.
This special connection between ceramics and food/ drink is part of the "slow" culture.
This exhibition, Sake to Utsuwa came from this idea and lifestyle that we at Sakenet believe in and see apparent at Mr Kitly. Our Saké is all made by small craft/ artisan Saké brewers who have great respect for the whole picture. Their connection with the farmers that grow the Saké rice, to the workers in the brewery, families and the consumer is all encompassing. It is a very Japanese concept, the gratitude for every step. Ceramics used for drinking the Saké is also part of this picture.
We have collaborated with Mr Kitly in choosing 12 ceramic Artists to match 12 different brewers and a bottle of their Saké. We gave the artists information about each brewer, the history of the brewery and meaning behind the Saké. Each Artist chose a brewery and tasted the Saké and created work from their own inspirations.
The outcome is a very special and personal collaboration between the Artist and the Saké. This is a unique exhibition between modern ceramic artists and traditional craft brewers. This was a big challenge for the Artists to create work for a specific Saké.  For us at Sakenet this is a new concept and way of looking at the artisan Saké that we stock.
We are very grateful for this opportunity and feel very pleased with this outcome.

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