Friday, November 15, 2013

Christmas Giveaway 2013

* This giveaway is closed. We will inform the winners at this blog on 18th December. 

Sakenet Australia has put together 2 giveaway specials to show our appreciation for your support of Sakenet Australia.

Giveaway One: For Our Customers
All online orders between 15th Nov to 15th Dec 2013 go into the draw to win 1 of 3 prizes.
Order now at ""

   1st prize - Taketsuru Junmai Daiginjo 11BY 720ml
   2nd prize - Chikusen Junmai Umeshu 500ml
   3rd prize - Tokkuri & two Sake cups

Giveaway Two: For Our Facebook Page Followers
If you have been one of out Facebook followers, you are already registered to this campaign. If not, please "like" our facebook page until 15th December 2013.
Follow us on ""

   1st prize - Okuharima Junmai Ginjo Shimomura 16BY 720ml
   2nd prize - Hiokizakura Junmai Tamasakae 720ml
   3rd prize - Two Sake cups

*These campaigns will close at midnight 15th December 2013.
The winners' name will be announced on out website and/or facebook page.
The prize will be despatched around 18th December 2013.
We will send an email or a facebook message to the winners for arranging the shipment.
The shipping cost of the prizes will be free.
The shipping address must be in Australia.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

The first week at Sake brewery

There are some pictures from Rey in Tottori, Japan. (More pictures are on our Facebook page, Rey posts everyday. )

Another beautiful day at Hiokizakura Top-notch Sake brewery!

Hiokizakura Master Brewer Mr.Maeda preparing the rice cooling machine for the upcoming Sake season.

Moving a 4800L Sake tank.

 Everyday the magic Bento Fairy brings me my dinner.

Most of the brewers are still busy with the rice harvest, so it's pretty lonely in the big brewery at the moment, in the mean time my amphibious friends at Hiokizakura keep me company!