Monday, March 28, 2011

Restaurant 16, Neutral Bay

It's out of order but we went to a new Italian restaurant on March 6.
Toru Ryu who has been with Buon Ricordo, Paddington for many years has opened his own.
In this restaurant you can enjoy some of our sake with Italian food.
Inside the Restaurant 16
Wine rack
You can see Ozasaya Taketsuru Bangaihen 13BY

Restaurant 16
236 Military Road
Neutral Bay 2089
ph 9909-0160

Today's sake and sakana(snack)

We offer our deepest sympathy to all who have been affected by the recent earthquake and pray for their recovery.

Bentenmusume junmai Goriki 21BY

The appearance is clear and very pale straw colour.
At room temp. the aroma has a very slight suggestion of peach around warm rice base.
The flavour is clean with a tingly suggestion of peach leaving a dry zingy aftertaste around the edges of the tongue.

We found the best temperature for drinking this sake to be 40~45C.
At this temp. the aroma is warm and ricey.
The flavour is more mellow still with a hint of peach and slightly sharp aftertaste.

This bottle has been open for 3 months but we think it would be better to wait a few more months.

By the way the picture in the backgound is by Settai Komura, my favourite artist was created 1914 for the inside front cover of a book written by Kyoka Izumi.

Ke no sakana
Lightly mix 3 eggs with a little dashi, sugar, salt, soy sauce.
Using a small frypan, oil the surface and heat on high.
Pour a thin layer of egg mixture and fold the sides into the centre.
Push the omelette to the side and pour another thin layer and roll up.
Repeat this procedure twice and serve with mayonnaise.