Sunday, January 30, 2011

Today's sake and sakana(

Okuharima Kimoto Joho 20BY

Recently sake from Okuharima has displayed quite strong acidity - I quite like this but many people find it too much.

This particular sake seems well balanced so I think it would suit most people.
Hint of pineapple and followed by clean delicate sweetness.
At approx. 55Cit gains crispy softness and loses it aftertaste.

Ke-no-sakana (a good accompaniment to any dish incl. left overs)

Today we had it with"Braised chicken thigh cartilage".
I bought chicken thigh cutlet(cheap and tasty). I skined and boned them.
I used the cartilage at the end of the bone and cooked it with water, sake, soy sauce for about 1.5 hours.

The rest of the cutlet and the skin I will use on another occasion.

Sake wa Junmai—first post!

Hi and welcome!
We look forward to having some interesting discussions and hope to hear from all of you sake lovers out there.