Wednesday, May 30, 2012

New Stock Arrived!

We received the new stock of sake yesterday. They are available now on our online shop.

The reviews of the new items including the new brand "Andosuigun" will be up soon.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Only a week left for the special price!

Thanks for all the current bookings to our sake tasting event "Sake wa Junmai 2012". Our special price expires on the 31st May. After this date the price will be back to $110.

Please don't miss this great opportunity!
This year's meal will be buffet style, sake will be paired with Australian/Mediterranean style dishes.

List of  the buffet dishe
Freshly baked bread rolls,
Roasted vegetables with fetta and sun dried tomatoes,
Salad of Moroccan cous cous with pumpkin and chickpeas,
Dressed tabouleh salad of parsley, tomato and burgal in olive oil and lemon juice,
Nicoise salad of potato, tomato and black lives in lemon dressing,
Rocket with apples, walnuts and parmesan cheese salad,
Lamb tagine infused Meddle Eastern spices with spinach,
Coq au vin with bacon and mushrooms in red wine,
Penne arrabiatta, spicy tomato sauce with olives and sun dried tomato,
Turkish pide of spinach & fetta and Turkish pide lamb & pinenuts,
Vanilla panna cotta,
Canoli filled with chocolate and vanilla custard,
Seasonal fruit,
Coffee, tea and soft drinks
*some items from this list are subject to change.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Sake Tasting Event "Sake wa Junmai" 2012 (Tickets on sale now)

[[ CLICK HERE for your booking! ]]
Tickets are sold on a first-come basis, so please order before you miss out.

Brewers from Shinkame, Izumibashi, Hiokizakura, Bentenmusume, Umetsu, Taketsuru, Taka and Morinokura will be presenting their finest Sakes married to dishes common to Australian cuisine.

Sake is designed to complement and enhance the enjoyment of food. In Japanese restaurants you can always drink sake together with Japanese food, but sake is more versatile than that and a sake can always be found to enhance any Western dish. At this event you will have the opportunity to taste a variety of premium Sakes as accompaniments to Australian dishes.

You will also be able to discuss all aspects of Sake brewing, serving and drinking (and anything else in between or beyond) with the brewers.

We look forward to seeing you at the event and sharing this beautiful experience with you on Sunday 8 July.

Event Name :Sake Tasting Event "Sake wa Junmai" 2012
Date & Time :8 July 2012, 16:00 - 19:00
Venue :The Grace Hotel Sydney
Corner of York & King Streets,
77 York Street, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia
Price :$110 per person
Ticket :
Tickets will not be sold at the venue.

Here is last year's tasting featured on reviewed by Rebbeca Varidel.

 This Year's Guest Breweries
In 1987 this brewery became the first brewery to produce only junmaishu. Apart from the unpasteurised sake all other sakes produced are aged from 3~5 years at a temperature below 0C.
Established 1857. This brewery grows 90% of the rice they use, the rest being grown under contract by other farmers in the area. 80% of the sake produced is junmaishu.
Established 1909. At this brewery all sake is hand made—a labour intensive procedure.
Established 1865. Since 1984 this brewery has also produced Shochu(Japanese spirit) in addition to sake. From 2002 Umeshu (plum wine) has also been produced.
Established 1733. The sake from Taketsuru strikes a good balance between “umami” and acidity. It is delicious warmed, delicious with food and delicious when aged.
Established 1898. All the rice used by this brewery comes from the brewery’s own farm or contracted farmers. This sake complements good food. 
*this guest list may change

Sunday, May 6, 2012


Tsukimi (月見) means "watching the moon". Normally it should be the full moon. During autumn in Japan, the air becomes cool and clear. It is good season for having a drink outside at night, and the moon is very beautiful. So "Tsukimi-zake" is drinking sake while watching the full moon.

Today is the 6th May. There is a full moon. It is a bit cold outside in Melbourne.

I caught the moon in my ochoko. This is the standard tsukimi-zake style (for me!).

 However the moon had gone somewhere when I tried to drink it. I think I need to develop some skills to drink it?

So I ate "Tsukimi noodle". This moon (egg) didn't escape from my bowl!