Sunday, July 3, 2011

Nama genshu (unpasteurised sake)

A new shipment arrived just before the sake event.
There are now 6 different namazake(unpasteurised sake) available.

Shinkame kassei nigori(Sparkling nigori) only 720ml bottle

The aroma is of rice/malt. Slightly fizzy on the palate, the flavour is of rice and fermented rice with a dry aftertaste.

Izumibashi Natsu-yago junmai kassei nigori

The aroma is lemonade and malt and slightly fizzy on the palate. The flavour is dry with a good dose of the umami of rice. The cloudiness is not to heavy making it easy to drink.
Enjoy it chilled from the fridge and still fizzy or try it heated to 60c.

Ten-on Kimoto namagenshu

The aroma is rice with melon and plum. The flavour is smooth with subtle hints of melon and plum.
The flavour lingers on the palate leaving slight astringency.

Bentenmusume Funakumi junmai Gohyakumangoku

The aroma is fruity with a rice base. The flavour is mango, peach and lychee with the underlying umami of rice. On swallowing it leaves a dry aftertaste with suggestion of fennel and chilli.

Shitihonyari junmai muroka namagenshu 7gou

The aroma is fruity over a base of rice. The flavour has hints of lychee smooth and mellow and easy to drink.

Tamagawa Yamahai muroka namagenshu Kitanishiki

The aroma is rice and malt. The flavour is dry underlying rice and malt with hints of melon and lychee. The aftertaste has marked astringency around the edges.


  1. Thank you for the descriptions. The sakenet website would be improved if more of the sakes were described like this.

  2. Hi Jeff
    Thank you very much for your comment.
    We have plans to update the website shortly and are currently looking into designers to carry out our plans. In the meantime we will be updating as many sake's as possible with tasting notes.